LI1 Hall of Fame

A selection of students' submissions from Informatics Laboratories I (LI1), a 1st year / 1st semester unit of the Computer Science Engineering course of the University of Minho. Projects are developed in the Haskell functional programming language and, since 2015, one task is to develop a GUI using the Gloss library (evaluation includes other tasks and criteria).

Note that the online playable versions of the games are compiled with GHCJS relying on CodeWorld, so they may not exactly represent the students' submissions (snapshots are however accurate). Deviations may include frame rate processing, text processing, scaling issues or bitmap transparencies, while some IO operations (terminal, file system, system calls) may not be supported.

For students/authors

Some projects were excluded due to small errors in the code or glitches in the GUI.

Please let us/instructors know if:

2018/19 - Tank Battalion

Final Tournament [Watch] [Play]




g159 [Play]

1819g159_1 1819g159_2

g080 [Play]

1819g080_1 1819g080_2

g103 [Play]

1819g103_1 1819g103_2

g088 [Play]

1819g088_1 1819g088_2

g039 [Play]

1819g039_1 1819g039_2

g110 [Play]

1819g110_1 1819g110_2

2017/18 - MicroMachines

Final Tournament [Watch] [Play]




g159 [Play]

1718g159_1 1718g159_2

g005, [Play]

1718g005_1 1718g005_2

g006 [Play]

1718g006_1 1718g006_2

g059, [Play]

1718g059_1 1718g059_2

g071, [Play]

1718g071_1 1718g071_2

g118, [Play]

1718g118_1 1718g118_2

g147, [Play]

1718g147_1 1718g147_2

2016/17 - Bomberman

Final Tournament [Watch]




g044 [Play]

1617g044_1 1617g044_2

g031 [Play]

1617g031_1 1617g031_2

g048 [Play]

1617g048_1 1617g048_2

g057 [Play]

1617g057_1 1617g057_2

g156 [Play]

1617g156_1 1617g156_2

2015/16 - Sokoban

g044 [Play]

1516g044_1 1516g044_2

g053 [Play]

1516g053_1 1516g053_2

g123 [Play]

1516g123_1 1516g123_2

g126 [Play]

1516g126_1 1516g126_2

g158 [Play]

1516g158_1 1516g158_2

g166 [Play]

1516g166_1 1516g166_2

2014/15 - LightBot

g087 [Watch]

g056 [Watch]

g065 [Watch]

g068 [Watch]

g101 [Watch]

g115 [Watch]

2013/14 - Carcassonne

Final Tournament [Watch]